Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Scenes with Boz

"Waiting for Spring"
A Saturday Scene for your enjoyment 


 For those of you who might not know, Boz is my very artsy and talented husband. I LOVE his photography and he's finally agreed to let me share some of it here with you! I am always inspired by his photos.

               One of my favorite gifts from him this Christmas was a box of 10 of his photos made into greeting cards.

 He has way of capturing the light and creating a mood in each one. To my eye his small 4 x 6 scenes read so much larger than they are because well, he's just got an eye. He just knows how to capture the right balance of light, composition, texture and feeling for creating a beautiful, story telling photograph. Having BIG LOVE for the place he shoots most often only adds to the depth and beauty of his work.

Yeah, I know he's going to be pretty hard to live with after he reads this post!

Join us when you can for Saturday Scenes with Boz.

How about you? 
Do you have a place that lives in YOUR HEART?
We all need something beautiful and inspiring to look forward too!

To share one of your own Saturday Scenes simply leave a comment and link on this post.

Thank you for looking and have a wonderful weekend ~

Deborah Jean and Boz

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