Sunday, January 1, 2012

Southern Style Country Breakfast

 Backyard FARM FRESH Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheddar Cheese, Home Fries, and Biscuits with Strawberry Jam
 What better way to start off a New Year than with an old fashioned breakfast? 
When I was growing up we often had a big southern style country breakfast on the weekends. My dad was a Texan and the kitchen was his on Saturday mornings. He loved cooking home fries and a big batch of scrambled eggs with biscuits and bacon or ham on the side. I couldn't wait for those Saturday southern breakfasts and I love to re-create them for my family now a days when Boz isn't in the kitchen on the weekends! 

Our home fries are red potatoes cut  into bite size pieces and fried with the skins on. I like the rustic appearance and the taste too! I salt and pepper them while I'm frying and again one more time right before serving. They'll keep warm in the oven, but they taste best served immediately! Timing is everything with a country breakfast! 

I cheated and made biscuits from a can for this breakfast but they aren't hard to make from scratch. 

Have you tried MaryJanes Budget Mix?   It comes in gluten free, unbleached white and wheat. So good and GOOD FOR YOU too! 

  Stay tuned for more country breakfasts coming your way!  I guess we are gonna eat our way through another New England winter and we might as well do it together! 

What's your favorite weekend country breakfast? Share it in an upcoming Farmgirl Friday Hop or leave us a note on the kitchen door! 

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true! 

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