Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Rudy ( and Rodeo too )

I always wondered what it would be like,
to have a Rooster like you.
To watch you grow and here you crow,
Cock a doodle do!!!

I'm a fan, you know that
of your early morning call,
but to some your song does absolutely nothing for them at all.

You've ruffled a few feathers in the neighborhood, and in the coop too!
I guess deep down I always knew,
 eventually you would!

Thank you for your watchful eye,
and looking after the girls.
I'm sorry fellas, it's adios
The Little Red Hen House is just for those
who look pretty wearing pearls.

I'm sorry Rudy, ( and Rodeo too ) we have to say goodbye. 
I'll miss your song and your handsome looks too.
I wish I could keep you, I really do!


Mother Hen

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