Monday, January 7, 2013

Feeling Better

So much for getting a running start on the new year! THE flu bug hit Dandelion House at warp speed right after New Years Day.  First our daughter had it, then our son and I got it at the same time.
The only running we've done is from the couch then back to bed! Needless to day I'm way behind in getting my house in order for a proper start on the new year. Oh well. What can ya do? Stock up, that's what!

  Plain old simple ( and healthy ) ingredients  are what's called for when you are treating a bout of seasonal influenza!

BREAKFAST: OJ with pulp, bananas, pecans, oatmeal, agave, cranberries and vanilla bean yogurt.

LUNCH:Crackers with tuna or chicken salad, fresh fruit hot chicken broth or tea.

DINNER: Soup, grilled cheese sandwich, applesauce, small garden salad with slices of apple and cheddar cheese.

HYDRATE: Cherry flavored 7-up, Gatorade, water, fruit juice, sparkling soda, plain or flavored. And, popsicle's of course!

MEDICINE:  Day time/night time cold medicine. A must for calming down  achy muscles and minimizing coughing fits!

REST:  I can't stress this one enough. All we've done is sleep off and on for the last three days. Today I feel human again.

Boz is the only one who hasn't been bit! Keep you fingers crossed he escapes it!
Here's to a healthier 2013 starting today!

Deb... could you pass the Kleenex please? 

PS. how do you treat the flu in your house?

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