Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good-bye Lacy Lou

Lacy Lou   2006-2013
It's never easy when we lose an important member of  our backyard flock because, lets face it, they're all important right? This past weekend I went out to do my daily check on the girls and my heart dropped to the ground when I spotted my sweet Lacy Lou huddled up next to the shed inside the run. I knew what was happening because I've seen what a sick chicken looks like in their final hours before. She was pale, weak, and her eyes were closed. When I tried to stand her up to see if she was able she would just lay back down again. I brought her some water and she took a few small sips then closed her eyes again. I sat with her a while stroking her feathers and telling her she was a good girl and that I loved her and would miss her then I picked her up and placed her in the hen house so she would be safer. I felt torn about what to do from there. I wanted to put her in a box and bring her in the house and sit with her until she left this world but I was only going to be home for an hour or so as I'm staying with my own mother hen who is recovering from her recent hip replacement surgery and she was home alone taking a nap. I needed to get back to her! Finally, I decided to leave  Lacy Lou be. I said my good-byes and drove back to my mothers house knowing she probably wouldn't make it through the night.My husband called the next day to tell me that he found her outside in the same spot, lying in the dirt by the shed  and she was gone. I coudn't believe she had gotten her weak little body back outside.
I never thought I would get so attached to my girls before I had some of my own. They just add so much to our little backyard farm life.

Lacy Lou was such a special gal. She was a good listener, always there for a fellow feathered friend.
She was head- hen of our first flock and one of now two remaining girls from that first clutch of eight. 
She was always the first to check out  the scraps from the kitchen making sure it was alright for the rest of the girls.She knew her name and always came when I called. I will miss our daily visits. I have nothing but respect  for my girl Lacy Lou... She was a lady, through and through. 

Wyandottes are a friendly, mild mannered breed and make wonderful coop mates. Plus, they don't mind the cold  winter weather here in New England. To learn more about this wonderful breed go here! 

I know the girls will miss her too but they all love Liza Jane  (one of  our Ameracauna's)  who has graciously stepped up as the new Mother Hen! 

Don't let this photo fool ya. She's not as mean as she looks, but she runs a tight hen house! 

I would love to know how you say goodbye to members of your flock? Do you help them make the transition with special care, a trip the vet or just let nature take it's course? 
Talk to me! 

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