Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A GATHERING we will go~

Image from  Wiltsi Bridge Country Store " New " vintage inspired wire baskets.

It won't be long and our basket will be over flowing  with more eggs than we can handle! I've been collecting our eggs in a bright red bucket for a few years now, but lately I've had my eye on what you might call the " real deal " for collecting eggs properly and safely.

Wire egg baskets were designed in such a way that you can stack many fresh eggs inside with out the worry of breaking them before you get them inside and into your next delicious egg dish. The blue one above is a new model from Lehmans. It mimics antique wire baskets in shape but it has has plastic coating to prevent rusting.

These are primitive wire egg baskets I found at an online antique store.. I rather like these. They are so cute you could collect and store them in one container!
This one is adorable and available through amazon with faux eggs inside for decorative purposes, but I think you could ditch the fake eggs and use it for collecting.  

This fellow is handsome and would make a nice addition to your farmhouse kitchen! You're sure to run across some antique wire egg baskets in your local antique mall, antique stores, and online at Ebay and Etsy too! 

What do you collect your farm fresh eggs in?  

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