Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Magic


  Some people dread the snow. It has to be shoveled and it's awful to drive in but when it comes on a weekend when you don't really have to leave the house for anything special what's not to love about it?  Last night just after dinner as we settled into our snug for the night we watched the rain turn to snow for the first time this year. Giant snowflakes fell like feathers glistening in the glow of our front porch light. I don't know when it finally stopped snowing I just knew It would be beautiful outside when I got up today.  And, it was!

 Boz and Max went out to shovel and took a walk about around the garden and then a short trek on the trails in the woods across from our house.

The raised beds look pristine under a bright blue sky letting dapples of light through the trees.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Lady Banks Rose
 I wish Max enjoyed the snow more! :) Sorry for the indecent exposure shot...He's shameless when it comes to  playing in the snow!

He's giving Boz, " the look ".  Corgis are bossy in the most charming way! I swear this dog can talk me into just about anything with just a glance.

 Bred to herd, corgis can run very fast with their little pork-chop legs. He asked for  a flock of sheep  for Christmas but we just don't have the room in our suburban farmyard. In stead we gave him a little stuffed lamb to dissect while we opened our presents on Christmas day. Hardly an equal substitue but he took it quite well. See photo below: HAPPY MAX

 Later in the morning I went out to check on the girls!

They needed fresh food and water and all were accounted for. They are all done molting and have their new feathers in for winter.

The green house has survived Hurricane Sandy and the Nor' Easter that followed her.  It's also held up very well in high winds so far due to the fact that Boz anchored it down very well when he put it up last year. 

 As for Max, well, he's just tickled that he got to go for a run with papa and play in the snow today and I have to admit, I was ready for some winter magic. What better way  to usher in the new year than fresh fallen snow?

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