Sunday, March 18, 2012

UP-Cycled FARM Pantry Reveal

Me and my new Farm Pantry! I even bought a new apron to celebrate!
 It's finally here! The day we've all been waiting for! Okay, maybe not all of us. Waiting for what you ask? My Pantry makeover is finished! Well, finished enough to be functional until I decide on a few more possible decorative touches.I can't wait to share all of the nitty-gritty details of this transformation with you. Here are a couple of before pics to refresh your memory!

The wall where the pantry is now with buffet.

I promise this is the last time we have to look at it! 

My inspiration photo.

Now, on with the reveal!

I've been homemaking full time for over 13 years and a wife for 20. How is it that I've just now caught on to this old/new idea for storing kitchen goods? Why have I been satisfied with cabinets that overflow and things falling out on my head whenever I moved something out of the way to get to what I needed? 

My food storage area before Pantry!
 Until I began cooking more wholesome meals and the kids grew into constantly hungry teens the old system worked alright even if I did have to ice my head sometimes.

 With so much inspiration in magazines, blogs, pinterest and the homesteading movement I was on my way! Once I  RE-claimed " the monster cabinet " from the living room as my new FARM PANTRY  I painted it my favorite shade of  FARMGIRL RED. I don't think there really is such a color out there, but, if there was this would be it! Then it was time to gather glass jars for storage.

Vintage Ball Storage Jars from my mother in laws farmhouse.
Large Anchor Hocking glass jars.

 I'm able to store 3 deep with the large jars and  4 deep with the medium sized ones.
Medium size Anchor Hocking glass jars.
The chalkboard labels are Martha Stewart and can be purchased at Staples

 I love Maratha's chalk board labels. They peel off with out leaving any reside and can be re applied after washing. A damp cloth wipes them clean so you can change the name of the contents if needed.

Tags from Martha Stewart also!
Black wire Milk Crates from Target with liners.

Now, instead of bending over for chips and crackers preciously stored in my lower kitchen cabinet, we can reach in at hip level any time the munchies hit!

The lower storage space in my pantry is large. I'm researching pullout drawers or another type of pantry organization for inside to utilize all of that precious space!

Here's a list of items I have stored in the Pantry:
Flour, brown sugar, sugar, corn meal, pasta, orzo, powdered sugar, rice, quinoa, peas, coconut, mulling spices, chocolate chips and pecans. There's even room for table cloths and napkins.

 Plus, my favorite baking dishes and glass bowls are within easy reach on the top shelf. 

There you have it friends. This project is a combination of UP-cycling, RE- cycling and new items.

I'm still toying with ideas for the inside. Here's what I'm thinking... a soft Easter Egg Green paint color or maybe vintage french flour sacks or wallpaper. What do you think?
 Oh, and the faux brick wall is going too. It'll be Benjamin Moores Standish White like the rest of the kitchen and dining room. I want my pantry to Pop!

I'm off to play in the pantry! Have a wonderful day!

I'm showing off my new pantry at the Barn Hop the Country Homemaker Hop and Savvy Southern Style Wow us Wednesday!

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