Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Spring Snippets ~

One look at these early spring Forsythia blossoms and we can be certain there's no turning back the weather clock now. That being said, April is a mix of weather along the South Coast of Massachusetts. One day it will be warm and clear and the next we'll be in mist and cooler temps. I feel like a chameleon this time of year. My mood tends to match the weather.  If it's warm and sunny, there's no stopping me! Cool and cloudy days make me feel fuzzy headed and unsure of what to tackle next. Today, we are under dark clouds, pouring rain and rumbling skies. The air outside is electrifying, charging the plants with the energy they need to grow! I swear I can see the grass turning greener with each passing hour. While the storm carries on, I'll share some early Spring Garden snippets!

The crocus were covered in a dusting of snow on the first day of spring, but that didn't stop them from  making a show stopping appearance of bright purple blossoms a week later. I'm happy to see the Hollyhock's made it along with the Autumn Sedum Joy. The Bird and  Butterfly Garden is waking up from it's long winters nap too but no photos this time as there is nothing noteworthy to see just yet.

  Garden planters now bare, wait to be filled. The Stone man has been hard at work ( on his knees in the cold ) on our stone wall and patio made from reclaimed granite slab pieces scavenged from stone yard dumpsters ( with permission of course ). Who's idea WAS THIS anyway? He's doing a wonderful job! I can hardly wait for our first evening fire in the council ring and gazing out my kitchen window at bright red potted Geraniums and Herbs!

He keeps warm by the fire during coffee breaks!

I'm always amazed at the live plants and shrubs inside the box when I order by mail! This Lady Banks rose bush already has some small buds... I hardened it outside in a protected shady area before planting it near the hen house. She'll need a trellis to climb on but for now she's fine and looking very healthy!

I've got a basket full of flower and veggie seeds I ordered from Park Seed waiting to be sewn outdoors in a couple of weeks when we are out of danger of any frost...

That's it for " Garden Snippets " this time...!  What's happening in your early Spring garden?

I'm off to dosado on the Homestead Barn Hop # 8  and 

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