Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one”

You might be wondering if this blog has gone to seed with all this farmgirl talk lately!? In fact, it's quite the opposite! It's GREAT FUN and so very INSPIRING to meet and greet fellow farm friends and farmgirls in blog land isn't it? But  there's something to be said for  real life " farmgirl connections " too! Oh now, don't go gettin' your feathers ruffled dear bloggin' friends.You know what I mean!

Do you have a flock of farmgirl friends to call your own? The kind of friends who " get " why you LOVE the things you do SO MUCH!
 I'm certain you do... But, just in case you find yourself  in a new town, city or neighborhood yearning to make some new friends or expand your circle of old ones, I'll let you in on a fun way to gather a flock of your own.

Women have been gathering together since the beginning of time for Quilting bee's, sewing circles, book clubs, Garden clubs, knitting groups, crafting parties, food co-ops, investment groups, mommy and me, homeschooling groups, church groups, Red Hat club, Tea Parties, etc. Homesteading groups are on the rise, sprouting up in urban/rural communities everywhere. What we are really doing is planting the seeds of friendship in hopes they'll take root!

 Depending on your interests and phase of  life any of these groups might fit your " friendship needs" at the time. Gathering farmgirl friends is just another excuse  reason to get together with kindred spirits and have fun while you support each other in learning new things and share the tried and true. Besides, who else are you going to talk sour dough starter, baby goats, chicken runs, homemade perfume and yogurt with?

 All you need to do is make a list of your most fun lovin' girlfriends and invite them over for a " catch the farmgirl fever" gathering. If you have a new neighbor or know of someone new to your area include them and ask your guests to invite friends too. I recently held a gathering to introduce my friends and family to all things MaryJanesFarm. Here's how it went! I sent out an email invite well in advance to get my pals all fired up. On party day, I decked out the dining room with MJF books, magazines, sisterhood info, a copy of the monthly cluck ( you get one every month with your annual sisterhood membership) and yummy organic snacks. Everyone brought something to share!

Find out more about why chapters are called the Farmgirl Sisterhood in Mary Jane's book and  here. 
*If you're a member of the Sisterhood you are eligible for earning Merit badges and can earn one for hosting this type of  gathering!

                                                      A basket of Mary Jane goodness!

Yummy treats!

                                                " The GIRL'S getting to know each other "
I put together" farmgirl "goodie bags for each girl as my way of saying thanks for coming!

I filled them with Garden themed note cards, a journal, coupon holder, chapter member info and an extra dose of farmgirl spirit... Just enough to hold them over until our next gathering...

Did you know you can start a farmgirl Chapter of your very own or join one in your area? Go here to learn more.

I'll see you ONLINE  Friday for THE NEXT Farmgirl/ Farm Friend Friendzy!

Until then, here's to FRIENDSHIP!

I'm going to dosado on the Homestead Barn Hop #7   and Farmgirl Friday of course! 
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