Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slim Pickin's

Time for some true confession's from the head Gardner ( um, that'd be me ). I had big plans for my veggie garden at home this year.. Yep, I sure did. I researched, planned, and plotted. I ordered seeds, and patiently waited for the snow to melt and spring temps to rise enough to where I felt " sure " it was o.k. to plant the garden. After Gray May passed I waited until mid June then planted each seed with a little love and a lot of sweat in hopes that we'd be freezin' beans and canning mater's by now... Well, it's mid August and here's the ugly truth about my veggie garden... The beans just didn't grow, nor did the squash or cucumbers. I'm pretty sure the onions and radishes drowned in the June rain and this photo shows every last tomato ( all 12 of them ) and a handful of beans I harvested ( and I use that term very loosely ) from the garden yesterday!
What went wrong you ask? Heck if I know. Too shady, too sandy, too wet, or too weedy? Maybe it's a combination of the above garden evils. All I know is I'm moving the blasted veggie garden next year...I'm puttin' down roots in a different spot! Oh well, some days chickens some days feathers. Maybe next year I'll grow more than chicken scratch.

 Here, have a tomato!

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Dandelion Wishes,
Deborah Jean 
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