Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall is Everywhere in New England!

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas Fall in New England! Local Farmstands and Nurseries are brimming with fall bounty. It's mums, pumkins, and cornstalks galore out there!

I've been too busy painting inside ( this lovely creamy white color you see above ) to decorate for fall just yet, but it's fall at every turn outside!

Last week we went and picked our pumpkins for carving ,decorating and baking at our favorite local farmstand.  They had a decent year despite a cool May and June and the deer that got to several acres of their specialty pumpkins.

We scooped up some of the last of their sweet corn on the cob!

They had an amazing selection of pumpkins and  gourds!

Who are these heathens running away with the garden cart? O.k. I'll admit it, they belong to me!

Here's to getting out and grabbing all of fall you can get your hands on!

Leave me a note and tell me, what's fall look like in your area?

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