Sunday, February 24, 2013

New/Old Embroidered Pillow

Howdy friends! I hope you are all doing well on this Sunday afternoon. It's pouring here in New England and I've got the dryer going full blast today trying my best to catch up from a busy week.

 I don't usually post on Sundays, but I'm so excited about how this pillow turned out I couldn't wait until next week to share it!

This pillow was created from three separate vintage pillow cases. They came in a ' lot ' of vintage linens that I bought off of  EBay and were never actually finished with a crochet or lace hem which left them in perfect " UN-used condition ". Someone really spent some time on the embroidery and I just love how each design SCREAMS SPRING!

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 After cutting the decorated edges off of the pillow cases I sewed them together to form one piece.
Then I added strips of left over pillow case material on either side of the three panels to make a square measuring 21 1/2 inches x 21 1/2 inces.
I used the remainder of one pillow case for the back to complete the pillow.

 I suppose I could have finished the edges and put them to use as pillow cases, but I just loved how the three patterns look together so I made a 20 x 20 pillow to add to my booth space in the Antique Mall.

Maybe you have some embroidered pillow cases tucked away in your linen closet or under the bed someplace that could use a little make over too? Often times the case portion of vintage pillow cases has yellowed due to age or over use but the embroidered edges remain beautiful. It's such a shame to give your vintage linens a life sentence of being packed away.  Why not re- purpose them into pillows, edges for tote bags or add them to NEW pillow cases to be enjoyed for many more years to come?

I hope you're all having a nice easy Sunday afternoon too! 
Now, get to rummaging...And re purpose something lovely!
I've seen you do it! 

See more  of my up cycled vintage linen pillows here and here. 

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