Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waggin' Delights Giveaway! Organic Artisan Dog Treats and other STUFF

It's been some time since we've had a giveaway and I'm very excited about this one!
Who doesn't love to spoil their dog with delicious treats? We love to give our Max cookies for just about everything he does including going to bed.  He sleeps in his crate which means he gets a cookie at bedtime too!

After getting to know Debbie Tegart of  Farmgirl Unleashed better over the last couple of months I learned that she, along with her husband Mike and daughter Erica are the business owners behind Waggin' Delights. Unique dog treats and other stuff for doggie parents who love their dog and their PLANET.

Debbie is the CFO ( Chief Feeding Officer ) of the crew and she shares her story here:

beggin_orangeDebbie – CFO (Chief Feeding Officer)

You can probably tell by my title that I am the “mommy” here!  My journey to dogs and to Waggin’ Delights has been a winding one.  I never had dogs growing up like Mike did, as I was allergic to anything with fur, so I raised fish and some other “furless” things.  When I had my first daughter, who is now grown, I quit corporate America to be a stay at home mom.  Many thought I was nuts, but it was GREAT!  I made baby food, crayons, soap, nursed, used cloth diapers, gardened and just really loved being an “earth mom”.  Two other daughters followed and we continued down this path.  I really, truly just loved being “mommy.”  Well, as kids do, they grew up, I went back to corporate America, found myself in a second marriage to a wonderful man with two wonderful dogs… and so my dog journey began!  Max and Jessie  have since passed and we have adopted Jasmine and in true “momminess” I have enjoyed nurturing her, making treats for her, taking her to doggie kindergarten (where of course we chatted on nutrition and respected our puppies!) and I have come full circle!  My hope is that my holistic approach to dogs, people and the planet will be evident here and you will enjoy visiting the site to laugh and learn with me as I continue to learn and grow.

This is their Jasmine: The lucky dog that gets try all those delicious treats before they go to market!

They are generously offering a bag Pumpkin Delights Dog Treats, two Waggin' Delights ball caps and a tote bag for carrying your doggy treats with you where ever you go!

TO ENTER simply leave a comment here and tell us what kind of dog/s you have!
Then, pop over and " like " Waggin' Delights on Facebook
Shop with them on Etsy too! 

Jasmine and Max wish you luck!

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