Friday, July 25, 2014

I Want My Toes In The Water and My Bum In The Sand

Or is it, my bum in the sand and my toes in the water?  Oh well, either way, it's time for  Beach Farmgirl to take her annual bloggy break by the sea! 
Wishing you a wonderful week of whatever brings you joy!

 I'll see you back here at Dandelion House in a couple of weeks! ( or sooner if I miss you too much )
Debbie and I will resume Farmgirl Friday when I return... In the meantime, she'll be unleashing her inner farmgirl in the garden and will be sharing her doin's on her adorable blog Farmgirl Unleashed! 

Here's a DANDELION WISH for you: Wishes are what dreams fly on. You never know when or where they will land, but they will and when they do they'll be even better than you had dreamed they would be, so keep the faith and DREAM BIG! 

 ENJOY the lazy days of SUMMER with your peeps!
Much love,

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