Wednesday, February 18, 2015

30 Day's of Spring-spiration!

Dear friends,
We've had so much snow in the northeast this year I don't know whether I'm coming or going and I've completely lost track of what day it is. I have to swim through white tunnels of snow to get to the chicken coop, the mailbox, my car, and more ' white stuff'  is predicted for this weekend. In an effort to get a jump- start on spring fever I'll be sharing a daily dose of Spring-spiration with you!
Today's image really gets my heart pumping for warmer weather, and the first blossoms of springtime. Forsythia is one of the first flowering shrubs to bloom in our area. I think it looks lovely when its branches are left to drape and fall naturally vs being trimmed.
It's also easy to force when brought inside and placed in a vase or pitcher.
Do you have a favorite early-Spring shrub or flower?

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