Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lady Joy~

Well, here I am burning the midnight oil Christmas Eve~  I decided to paint a chair for my mom as my hand-made gift to her this year. I had a " lady in waiting" that was just right for my project. This chair had been painted white and the seat cushion was very tattered. The poor thing was  just crying out for some LOVE! Now, this chair had to be something special. Nothing plain or simple would do.
My mom's a pretty spicey gal with lot's of kick!

She LOVES LOVES LOVES fall and ALL things that sparkle.  

I decided to use all metalic paints because they shimmer and  shine when the light hits them just right! I chose Tequila Gold, Sashay Red, and Brick for my color palette.
Very fall~ish indeed!                                   
As I began to paint I thought of how many color's there really are in one fallen leaf and how they blend together so naturally...

I took that as my inspiration as I brushed and blotted the red and brick paint together to create a mottled color effect along the chair back and the base of the seat.  I used  the  tequilla gold  paint with a very loose dry -brush technique on the legs and chair back, leaving a rough sort of aged look. I like how it contrasts with the more elegant details of the over all design, striking the perfect balance of
 Rustic ~ Elegance

I couldn't create a special piece for my dazzling mom with out a bobble or two.. The dangling crystal beads hang ever so elegantly just at the top front of the legs...
I used a stencil design for my " impressionistic " leaf patterns. The varigated gold leaf flakes are my color here.  

             Ta da!!! Here she is !

              Lady Joy ~
So, now you know why I visited fall in January! It was my inspiration!

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