Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Herb Gardens ~

We are still several weeks away from the first day of spring and I am admittedly growing weary of the snow and cold here in New England! My gardening magazines and seed catalog's are luring me further into spring mode with each glorious photo of luscious flowers, plump juicy fruits and vegetables and fragrant herbs!

Lavender from my garden ~

I've had the book Little Herb Gardens on my shelf for several years. Somehow my little herb garden  has never sprouted. A new growing season is upon us and this year it's going to happen!
Little Herb Garden's is filled with simple instructions and inspiring photos designed for the novice herb Gardner ( me)!   It's broken down into two basic sections. Outdoor potted herbs and those that will do best in a small patch of ground. It also covers which herbs do best started from seed and seedlings. It touches briefly on medicinal uses of some herbs, exotic Basil's and features a few recipes such as Herb flavored oils and Herb Flavored Biscotti. What has finally motivated me to get going?
These simple instructions for A Cut Garden. 

 fresh Cilantro

 You can purchase herbs year-round at the supermarket.  Simply bring them home and place them in direct sunlight for an instant herb garden while you wait for spring! 
Display your garden on a windowsill or kitchen counter for easy access to cutting while you cook. 

fresh chives

 I chose vintage glass vases but I think pickle jars, or recycled tin cans would be cute for an urban farm fresh look. I love cilantro in guacamole, salsa, tabbouleh, and as a garnish on Pad Thai with a squeeze of lime.

  My favorite way to eat Chives is sprinkled on top of a big baked potato with sour cream, a dollop of butter, sea salt and pepper shredded cheese and fresh grilled bacon bits. Might as well add a nice grilled rib eye steak to that! 

I'll be planting some herbs by seed and will post when they begin to sprout! I'm off to bake a potato!

What will you grow this year? 

Happy Gardening! 
Deborah Jean

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