Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old/New Garden Shed

Do you dream of a Garden Shed of your own? I do but I want it to be different, and affordable. I've been thinking how wonderful it would be to create one from reclaimed materials. Imagine what a fun treasure hunt it would be to go off in search of old doors, windows, metal roofing, and all things gardening for inside.

 I was catching up with a few of my favorite blogs this am and there it was! I found some inspiration for all of us re-purposing fans.

  Pamela of Backwoods Cottage  is featuring just such a garden shed today on her blog.  It's right up our re- purposing alley! Go take a peak and tell her I sent you! And, go meet Sharon Lovejoy's "  little sprig", her garden shed build from re-claimed materials! It's darling!

Deborah Jean

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