Monday, May 9, 2011

Mid Spring Blossoms!

We've just experienced a blossom explosion  in our area of New England ! Some of my favorite mid Spring bloomers are putting on quite a show!  This field is a sea of yellow flowers to which I have no idea the name of. Anyone?

These Lilacs in bloom are such an interesting shade of purple.

  Can't you just smell their sweet scent? No other flower quite says spring like Lilacs.  

Well, except for Tulips!

 Grape Hyacinth dancing in the grass! 

And, the dunes are turning green too! It won't be long before the wild beach roses are in bloom again!
I hope you are all enjoying a lovely mid spring medley of blossoms, whether in your own back yard, clay pot or your surrounding landscape or city scape!

If you've ever wondered how to attract Hummingbirds into your garden go visit my friend, Sharon Lovejoy's Lowes blog post on how to create a fabulous Hummingbird Garden in a pot!

I'll be back soon with NEW Garden snippets from Dandelion House!
~ raised garden beds ~ spring chicks~ herbs~ veggies~ ...


Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos.
The first photo looks like Buttercups.
Have a great day !

Unknown said...

Lovely spring blossoms, thank you for sharing them :) !

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful area! Wow! Every photo says Spring! I love it! I think Lilacs are my all-time favorites, well, one of them at least!

dr momi said...

Your first photo I think is yellow mustard (wild mustard). It is pretty, but actually spreads like crazy and overtakes a field. Farmers hate it. :-) ...but it is pretty:-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for that! My guess is that field of mustard has been left to go to seed on purpose:)
So glad you enlightened us!

Faith said...

Beautiful pictures....I love the sprintime...the colors do just burst out, and the fragrances abound....Lovely

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These pictures are so pretty. The flowers are all just beautiful. I love Spring!!

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