Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Very Gray May

 It's been a mix of rain and cool temps off and on for several days here in New England! I've officially dubbed this month "Gray May ". I feel just like our new baby chicks! We've been " cooped " up in the house waiting for the sun for nearly a week. Oh, it's made a few short appearances over the last couple of days but nothing to jump up and down about. In the meantime, the garden has been growing at warp speed while unfinished spring projects wait to be tended to. The sun popped out one day last week so I ran out to snap a few photos of our  late spring bloomers and new growth in the garden.

The Azalea shrubs are bright and cheery despite the clouds over head.

The Clematis has loads of buds. Soon it will be covered in pink and white blossoms. 

The Tree Peonies will be dripping in soft, creamy white petals in just a few short weeks.

I love the texture and color Sedum Autumn Joy brings to the garden in late summer, early fall. It can perk up a tired perennial garden or steel the show all on its own. It is stunning planted in rows as a small hedge or border.

Soon the bright yellow faces of Yarrow will be mingling happily amongst the Lavender blossoms.

This Oak Leaf Hydrangea shrub survived it's first winter in the garden and is leafing out beautifully! I chose it for its large cone shaped blossoms and burgundy colored foliage in the fall.

Here's what it looks like in bloom!

I've added several Catmint to the garden this year. I love their minty scented leaves and the purple blossoms last spring through fall. This variety is called Nepeta Six Hills Giant. 

Photo credit Martha Stewart Home. 

Containers wait for summer herbs and annuals.

A new load of stone has been delivered so the "great wall of china" can be competed. Mr. Stone man is doing a wonderful job.

Only a few more layers to go!

Here the Bee Balm and Butterfly Bush are soaking up the sun...Soon it will be us!  It won't be long... right? What kind of spring weather are you having?

Here's one of my favorite books for gardening in New England! 

I'm wishing you sunshine where ever you are and happy late spring gardening adventures!

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Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We've had a very pleasant May here in Texas! It has been one of the cooler Mays we've had in quite a few years. WE're under par for rain fall-- still having drought like conditions, however what rain we get I try to save some for watering our garden-- every little bit helps!
I've been so excited about having a vegetable garden I've not done much in the way of flowers... I love your azalea bush! We used to have a beautiful BIG AZALEA right beside our steps-- it was here when we bought our place. I over pruned and killed it.
I've tried to replant there 3 times... and I can't get an Azalea bush to grow there save my life!
Do you have any suggestions?

Would love to hear from you on that thought.

Your garden is beautiful, must plant something pretty this weekend, Pat

Kim said...

I love the Oak Leaf Hydrangea~I wonder if it will grow up here in my corner? Hmmm...I think another trip to the garden nursery is in order!

I planted Catnip once and couldn't figure out why our cats wouldn't stay out of that particular planter~my hubby teases me every time we visit the nursery!

Sorry for your rain~we are finally having some sunshine, but the ground is still too wet to plant. Hopefully this weekend, but we shall see...Have a wonderful weekend!

Teresa said...

Things certainly are growing for you despite the rain and gloom. It seems like Mother Nature keeps bringing up rain on the weekends when I'm home and sunshine during the week while I'm at work.

deb said...

OMG! Your plants are so healthy! Nice and robust and strong.
The wall will be wonderful once completed...he is doing a great job!
Have a great weekend!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Your garden is beautiful! Love peonies, clematis and your stone wall is so nice! Visiting from Fertilizer Friday...hope your weekend is wonderful!

Rainy Day Gardener said...

Spring in the Pacific NW has been mostly gray as well. We've gotten a nice surprise of sunshine the past week, it feels like we are coming out of hiberation! Your azaleas are so cheerful :) Cheers, Jenni

Tilly's Nest said...

I could not agree with you more! Gray May is depressing to say the least. At least the chickens are happy. Your yard looks beautiful and I guess at some point we will all get to those looming projects. Here is to a sunny June!

paula said...

WOW your stone wall is amazing! Love your flowers they are so cheery - it has been gray here too - what is up with that?
Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I know you must be sooo glad that spring has FINALLY sprung in your neck of the woods! Your flowers and plants are beautiful, and I certainly hope that sunnier days are there for a good long while. ;)

Thanks for linking to the party. I would love to have you join each week. Be sure to stop in tonight, and see yourself featured.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Leontien said...

It might be a gray month but your garden sure looks colorful!

Thanks for sharing

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