Monday, May 21, 2012


 Happy Monday friends! Whew! I don't think I've ever been so happy to wake up to a misty day as I am today. We worked our tails off in the garden this weekend! (Well, some of them ) At this moment I'm happy to be nice and dry inside! Picture me in my comfy clothes, writing to you with a nice cup of hot coffee and Max by my side. I have to tell you I have fallen in love with Knock Out Roses! I simply adore everything about them. With blossoms ranging in color from the brightest pinks to the softest, subtle  pale pink and the most delicious pale yellow. Who wouldn't be smitten? 


 I also added a striking landscape rose called Coral Drift   made by the Introducers of the Knock Out Rose that reminds me of one of my favorite nail polish colors in a ground cover variety right near our deck. 

 The color is just mesmerizing, and the scent? Ooh La la!

As with any new love affair the thorns have yet to come out but the folks at the nursery swear by them as being disease resistant ( no powdery mildew) with blooms that start in mid- spring and last until the first frost. Sounds like the perfect marriage of a rose Gardner and rose to me!
 My established gardens were missing some mid -late spring color pop and fragrance, but not anymore!  The shape of the blossoms remind me of the wild roses ( sea roses ) that bloom in mass profusion along the road to our cottage.

Do any of you grow either of these hardy beauties in your garden?
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