Monday, July 16, 2012

Flower ART


Whew doggies it's hot out! And humid too! But, some flowers need the heat turned up for maximum blooms! Like the one pictured above. My mom whipped up this hand-painted beauty for me as a mothers day gift this year and I adore it! She painted it with acrylic paint on a 6x8 canvas...I think she should paint some more of these so I'm encouraging her to keep the canvas wet and her brush filled with the colors of summer!

I love the contrast of all the bright colors popping against the black background.

  What sorts of ' arsty fartsy' things do you like to do inside during the heat of the summer? I've got some unfinished sewing to do... I'm making pillows and a window valance for the cottage this week! I've had this project on the back burner waaaaaay too long now! I'll keep ya posted!

Stay cool and be sure to keep the folks out in the blazing west in your prayers.
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