Monday, April 22, 2013

Pick'n Good Garden Art

Blooming Bathtub
Happy Earth Day friends! What better way to celebrate this important day of awareness than looking for new ways to GO GREEN IN THE GARDEN? My pickin' friend Kelly, from " out west " is doing her part to GREEN up her Garden with no poisons, or nasty pesticides in sight! Her re-claimed bathtub is bubbling over with giant Geraniums and sweet alyssum. 

 Kelly hosted my cousin's baby shower at her house and I couldn't help but notice her farmgirl green touches in every corner of her yard ( and inside too ). Here she is perched next to her vintage Tea Pot Tree in her cactus garden. Turns out she's been collecting them for years.  Kelly ( and her talented hubby Billy ) have caught the Up -cycling fever and like many of us  they have rooms stuffed to the gills with " projects in waiting ". They're on the look out for the perfect location for their new shop in Reno or Sparks Nevada. 

Kelly and her Tea Pot Tree
Milk Cans

Everyone needs a corner sink in the garden, don' t cha think?

Old rusty bed frames and gates make the perfect trellis for climbing plants.


How about a vintage sewing machine propped in the garden as a reminder to sew seeds of kindness and creativity where ever you go?

  This not so snowy snowman made from misc parts is a reminder that temperatures can still drop bringing a chilling end to a sunny warm day.  

That's where this old wood stove comes in to play... Toss in a log, sit back and relax and let your creativity sprout in your GREEN garden yard too! 

 Aren't these some great GREEN ideas? 
Which one is your favorite? I know! It's hard to " pick "! 

What's the coolest UPCYCLED garden art you've seen or created, or would like to create? 

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