Monday, September 2, 2013

Frugal Flower Vases

 This post is for all of you  flower growers out there who love to share the beauty of your garden with out giving away ( or heaven forbid ) purchasing a new vase or vessel for your homemade bouquet.  
I've been recycling food and beverage jars for the last year so that when full bloom time arrived I would have enough vases around to make my simple backyard bouquets.

 This is just a sampling of the jars I saved. I love the iced tea bottles for taller/heavier single blooms such as dahlias or sunflowers.Collect different sizes and shapes. Most labels come off easily in the dishwasher or if you soak them for a few minutes in hot soapy water. 

Using recycled food jars for vases is fun and frugal. You can come up with so many different arrangements. I wish I had a picture of the bouquet I gave our new neighbors this weekend. It was a pickle jar with the label still adhered! I gave it away before I thought of taking a photo. Darn it!
Wouldn't that be perfect on a late- summer picnic table filled with farm fresh backyard flowers? 
It is still summer ya know! 

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