Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Top 5 Autumn Bloomers

Knock Out Rose
I know, I know... You were expecting to see images of burnt orange pumpkins, dried berries and plumes and some lovely garden mums. After all aren't those Autumn bloomers too?

Of course they are, but I'm talking about different bloomers today. The one's that bring you joy in the garden right up until the first frost. I know many rose purists don't appreciate the new varieties of roses, especially the Knock Out Rose. But I look at it this way. Knock Out Roses have earned a place in Dandelion House Gardens because of what they are not what they aren't. These beautiful landscape roses are hardy, disease resistant, and add long lasting color to your garden. Plus, they have a delicate rose scent to boot! I am a FAN!
Lemon Queen
I love the Lemon Queen sunflower. These beauties grow up to 8 feet tall starting in early September all the way until the first frost. Plant them next to ornamental grasses if you enjoy a natural effect in your garden. They make lovely loose fall arrangement's too! 

Autumn Sedum Joy adds a beautiful pinky plumb richness and texture to the late summer garden
and looks right at home planted next to ornamental grasses in bloom.


Ornamental grasses are so beautiful when their feathery plumes come into bloom.They sparkle in the afternoon sunlight and wave gently in the breeze.

It seems almost sinful that flowers this beautiful are still going strong so late in the season. That's the simple beauty of growing dahlias. They are the perfect late bloomers in any garden. Whether in a pot on your patio or deck, a raised bed or a field.

Nothing can compare to the beauty of the dahlia in your late summer garden.

Look, even the bee's are still storing up on pollen! 

  What are YOUR favorite autumn bloomers?
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