Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Chicks

 Brr...Who else is buried in snow tonight? It finally quit snowing late this afternoon on the south coast of Boston. As I type it's a balmy 10 degrees outside with an expected overnight low of 4. It's a good night for an extra blanket and I just might wear my sox to bed! The cold weather doesn't seem to phase The Cottage Hens. When I went out to refresh their water today they were cackling happy sounds inside the coop.
It was the usual banter, Liza Jane was bossing the other girls around and pushing her way through them so she could be first in line for fresh water. 

Penny decided to jump out and have a little look around but she didn't stay outside for long. Just long enough to peck at the snow and fluff her feathers a little.

Then she jumped into the coop for the night. The sun was going down as I said goodnight and tucked the girls in for a long, cold winters night. I heard a some clucking and rustling in the hen-house as I walked away. I'd bet my first laid egg it was the nightly ritual of jockeying for position on the highest roosting bar.
What silly things do your " chicks" do in the winter?

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