Friday, March 21, 2014


Howdy farmgirls! 

Can you believe it? Today marks 150 weeks for the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!
Where does the time go?  I know exactly where it goes! We farmgirls mark time by the seasons. Planting season, breeding season, fresh egg season, farm baby season, growing season, and harvest season. And somehow in between we manage to raise families, nurture friendships, craft, run businesses, go glamping, volunteer, work, and spend time with our elders. And it's time well spent in my book! When we follow our heart we are always right where we should be.

Heidi, Debbie Dolly and I are so grateful that your hearts lead you here to our humble little Farmgirl  " roundup " every Friday! 
You are the friendliest, kindest and most talented group of farmgirls in blog land and we count you among our dearest friends.
We've been chomping at the bit for weeks to tell you about our
We're giving away the FARM! 
 Each one of us is adding to the GIVEAWAY goodies bag so be sure to visit all of our blogs to enter to win the whole kit and caboodle!

Let's get on with it shall we? I'll go first!
  I love to take my farmgirl shopping at the local Tractor Supply Co. so I went on a little shopping spree with my farmgirl friends in mind! 

My first item is a $25.00 Gift Card to none other than the Tractor Supply Co.! If you don't have one near you, you can shop online!

Every homegrown farmgirl needs a pretty pink T-shirt to start a new season of farmgirl'n!
I got a large so you would have room to grow!

There's a good chance you'll work up a healthy sweat while you're doin' chores in your new sturdy work-gloves so I tucked in a pretty pink bandanna for you to wipe your brow with!


What farmgirl doesn't love sunflowers? You'll love seeing these pretty ORGANIC sunflowers ( and pole beans that are hidden behind the sunflower packet ) in your garden!

The Spring issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine is choc full of farmgirl take homes and inspiration! It's a must-have for every farmgirl at heart.
But wait! There's more!

 Farmgirl Heidi is adding one of her latest farmgirl apron designs to the goodies bag too! Her western retro pin-up girl fabric just whistles farmgirl doesn't it?

 Farmgirl Dolly is whipping up an apron exactly like this one ( fabric is a surprise ). It's inspired by an apron her grandmother wore. It's practical and pretty designed by Dolly for everyday farmgirl work inside or out! Read the story behind this cherished apron here.

Farmgirl Debbie ( Farmgirl Unleashed ) is giving away some of her homemade farmgirl body products! Her
Wake me up Sugar Scrub pictured above is one of three items she's tossing in the Farmgirl Goodie Bag. 

Boy howdy! That's a lot of FARMGIRL GOODIES! 

One comment on all four blogs gives you 4 chances to win the whole lot!

It's still Farmgirl Friday so don't forget to enter your posts and 
HAPPY SPRING from all of your Farmgirl Friday hostesses!
Heidi of My Simple Country Living 
and White Wolf Summit Farmgirl Blog
Dolly of Hibiscus House family of blogs
Debbie of Farmgirl Unleashed 

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