Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buds of Happiness and Bee Friendly Blooms

Dear friends,
 Is there anything more inspiring than seeing the first shoots of  GREEN sprouting from the earth after a long winter? The onset of spring is here and I couldn't be more ready! But, I'm taking it slow just like these pretty Snow Crocus Bulbs. I'm so grateful to the woman who lived in our house before we did for planting a handful or two of these cute little buds of happiness!

 Snow Crocus are among the first spring bulbs to emerge even before spring has officially arrived! They brighten the garden with blue, orange, purple, yellow and white blossoms. All it takes is a few warm days in late winter for them to pop up out of the frozen ground despite the likely possibility that they will be covered in snow a few more times before they actually unfold entirely.

 They are easy to grow. Simply place a few bulbs together about 3 - 4 inches deep. Plant in holes spaced randomly about your garden bed for a natural look. Over time Snow Crocus bulbs multiply giving you more lovely flowers to look forward to each spring. They tolerate over-crowding but not praying squirrels who will love snacking on young tender bulbs. If you have squirrels in your neighborhood I recommend placing chicken wire or weed barrier cloth over your newly planted area to keep your bulbs safe from hungry rodents.

It's not just humans that get happy when they see them in bloom.

The Bees will be buzzing with delight as they hop from one bloom to another drinking nectar cocktails! 

Be gentle with yourself as the unfolding of spring begins. You've been in a deep sleep and it will take a while to wake up fully. Start slowly by noticing the little signs of spring. Longer sunny days, brighter blue skies, singing birds, and NEW growth sprouting from the earth are here! It's as if the whole world is taking a giant slow stretch!  Enjoy the unfolding...

The smiles of spring will be here before you know it! 

Much Love! 

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