Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where Christmas ISN'T

 With one week left until Christmas day I am determined to pull back the reins on running through the last few days of the holiday season like a horse racing to the finish line. At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney, I have to confess that I resent the commercialism of this beautiful season. It seems like the push for getting the holidays ' right ' whether it be securing the perfect gifts on time or decorating to the nines comes earlier and earlier every year. 

By the time I got going on decorating this year I was already beginning to tire of seeing the mess of fake decorations and pre-packaged gift baskets everywhere. Earlier this month I went out to my local Michael's Craft Store in search of some Christmas decorating inspiration for our dining room table. After circling the floral department for what seemed like an eternity, I assembled some fake evergreens, selected a gilded bird cage and tossed some sparkling faux berries in my shopping cart  for some added bling. As I got close to the check out line ( which is also conveniently located right near the exit doors ) I parked my basket and made a run for it!  Yep! I left empty handed! The whole experience left me cold. It took a few days for me to shake it off so I stayed home, baked some cookies, went to an open house at friends ( which cheered me up ) and then I attempted to find Christmas again. 
This time I didn't travel far. I stepped outside in the wee hours of the morning (still in my jammies and slippers) floral cutters in hand and snipped some fresh pine branches from a lovely tree in our backyard. It was cold, misty and damp outside but it felt good to be in the garden. Once I was back inside I gathered supplies for creating a simple, sustainable bouquet. 
I dug out one of my gold plate chargers, a mason jar, some vintage lace with gold threaded edges, and a sprig faux of holly berries from my stash of Christmas decorations and got busy trying to find Christmas!

Low and behold the next morning when I got up the sun was shining brightly through the window in our dining room lighting up my natural centerpiece so beautifully. At last, I found Christmas! Right here at home!

Have you found Christmas yet? I know where it ISN'T. Do you?

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