Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creative Corner

This cabinet was a great  yard sale find! I chose to do an aged finish with a combed design on the front of the doors. It is an art cabinet after all, so I painted some fun designs on the inside as an added decorative

Recipe: This cabinet was previously painted so I sanded off any loose paint and went right over it with a fresh base coat. I chose a deep plum shade with a satin sheen for my base coat. Once that dried, I mixed some glaze and black paint together in a small container. 1/2 paint to 1/2 glaze and applied it with a foam brush. Useing my rubber decorative paint comb I created a long curved design on the door fronts. Using a glaze/ paint mixture allows a longer drying time for the paint as well as " playing" time for experimenting with different designs.

If you are starting on bare wood, sand it slightly, use a clear sealer, prime, then apply your base coat.

Most artists ( myself included ) dream of a studio OR BARN of their own, tucked away in the woods, the country, by the sea side, over the garage, or in the basement. Many of us get by outfitting a little corner of a room for making art when creativity strikes.

Since the kids were little we have had this cabinet in our dining room at the ready stocked with tape, glue, paper, buttons, beads, paint, stamps, string, glitter, ( yes, I allow glitter in my dining room) ribbon, fabric, stapler, glue gun etc. Because it has been in our dining room, we have had the pleasure of watching all those fun ideas come to fruition allowing us all to share in the joy of making things together.

Don't let the lack of a proper " studio space" stop you from doing your thing! Just carve out a creative corner and get to it~

You'll just feel better! I promise!
Deborah Jean

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