Thursday, June 11, 2009


Get your creative juices going! Take yourself on an artist outing!
Some of my favorite places for inspiration are, fabric stores, craft stores, art galleries, antique stores, thrift and consignment stores, flea markets, historic houses, architectural salvage yards, farms and gardens, landscape nurseries, art studio’s, art shows, book stores the library ( free source for all things, home, garden, art and architecture) and more! Just wondering quietly through a special garden, an antique store or a gallery can get me inspired to get going on projects that have been waiting... Creating is like that…A new inspiration is like a breath of fresh air and it tickles your tummy too!
Setting up a craft day in your home (or studio if you are fortunate to have one) for friends is another great way to get going on some of those dormant projects or start a fresh one!…You will find that when you set aside time for working on your art new ideas seem to come to you more often while creating.

If you have creative kids or teenagers at home, host a " Young Artists Gathering" or organize a "Neighborhood Craft Club" to show your support of your childs " inner artist" . We keep a small cupboard in a corner of our dining room stocked with various art supplies and at the ready the minute an inspiration hits!

Daydreaming  is an essential part of the creative process… Our minds need stretching just like our bodies do, so pour yourself a cup of tea and let your imagination go… Don’t forget to write down all those great ideas in your Daydreams journal.

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