Friday, June 5, 2009

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece~

How many times have you heard a friend or relative say to you, WHY WOULD I MAKE such and such WHEN I CAN BUY IT CHEAPER???? Or maybe you went to an arts and crafts show and something caught your creative eye… Chances are you even whispered to your friend as you walked by,” I could make that”… I admit, I have said it myself! Things made from the heart with love are different. They carry energy with them from heart to hands to heart. I have tried many types of creative expression over the years and I am happy to say our daughter is carrying on the tradition. She is a fearless artist and is an inspiration to me each and every day. As a home schooling mom, home maker and artist I am witness to her ability to create just about anything she can picture in her mind. At the young age of 11 she has tried her hand at, book making, origami, knitting, crocheting, painting, diorama, writing music and playing the piano. She doesn't wait for anyone to SHOW her HOW she just dives right in! We provide the supplies and the time she needs to create and she does the rest! Recently she was given my grandmothers sewing machine. The excitement in her eyes was magic as she saw what was inside the big heavy brown box. When I told her who “her sewing machine” was from she just lit up! I admit it! I am fantasizing about special mother daughter moments to come. I get to teach her how to thread the machine, re-thread a bobbin, choose just the right stitch, adjust the tension, how to go in reverse, and where to keep her seam ripper! Yes, if you sew you know these are basic skills but very necessary ones. In reality, these “moments” will be short and sweet because I know my daughter. She will be anxious to make something all on her own. Hm mm? She reminds me of someone I know…
All of us carry a little spark inside of us to create, but some times find it hard to light the fire! Just look around…Be awake to the creations you are surrounded by every day in nature and in those things made with human hands. Art is always present for you to appreciate. Take a page out of our daughter’s book… Don’t WAIT for someone to tell you it’s o.k. to share your creative gifts. SING, DANCE, PAINT, DRAW, TAKE PICTURES, PLANT, WRITE, SEW, BUILD, SCRAP, COOK, PERFORM, you get the idea!
" The world is but a canvas to the imagination"
~Henry David Thoreau

Note: This article was published in Mary Jane's Farm Magazine in the 2009 ~ Tried- n -True ~ October/November issue.


Chenille Cottage said...

This is such a sweet and thoughtful reminder!
I love the little girl sitting at her tiny sewing machine. I have one just like it in my sewing room.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
Carolynn xoxo

Unknown said...

Thank you Carolynn,
So sweet of you to stop by and read my little story and thank you for your kind words...

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