Monday, March 1, 2010

Beach Blossoms~ and more

 REACHING for the Sun
Welcome (almost )Spring!!! 
The ultimate time of renewal is just around the corner! Here's a little look at " things to come" here at Dandelion House and out and about in our neck of the woods  BEACH . Just saying the word brings a flush of excitment to my heart!
Warmer days are ahead and that means more time spent outdoors tending to all things GREEN AND COLORFUL!  

WILD cherry blossoms

We love to go out and walk the beach roads looking for " things in bloom " during early and late spring. We found these cherry blossoms walking along the dirt roads dotted with cottages in our beach community. It  amazes me how many of the plants and shrubs thrive with out any "real help " from human hands...Something about the salt air just does them good. The abundance of blossoms and the range of color never

 Come on... Walk with us!

Wild Beach Plum

Beach Plum is scattered along the winding beach road and is one of the first shrubs to bloom. It is also home to many birds. We often see the Red Winged Black Bird and Cardinal's flitting about during our many trips down this road through out the spring, summer, and fall.

 Rosa Rugosa

The Rosa Rugosa , more commonly called Beach Rose or Salt Spray Roses cover nearly all of the dunes along the road providing a barrier between the road and the ocean side of the shore to their left. In fall they're covered in rose hips. The Beach Rose is quintessential New England beach scenery!

 We always roll down the window for this drive. One whiff  of all those roses in bloom is intoxicating!

Lambs Ear in bloom waving us on as we decend down our favorite set of stairs in the whole wide world.


RADIENT Rhodies~  These Rhododendrons are tucked away along the border of one of the oldest cottages in our summer community. Notice the field stone foundation?

If you look closely you can see some just peaking out in the left side of this photo! They must have 10 or more shrubs in bloom all at once.. Red, white, pink, lavender and a soft pink color too! Don't worry, they're our neighbors... They won't mind us sneaking around steeling shots of their beautiful shrubs.
( I hope )

These lilacs bloom along an interior dirt road. The sight of them alone is pure magic and the armoma punctuates the idealic setting all the more!

LOVELY lilacs

Drink in this VIBRANT color! Let if fill you up and inspire you for a great gardening season ahead!

 This month I'll share my Garden Journal that helps me stay organized year to year as we plan new flower gardens and an  organic veggie garden here at home.

Our guest writer Joy Banks (and my mom) has something to tell us in her own words about some of The FinerThings she's been thinking of sure to conjure up sweet spring time memories.
As promised, Follow your Home School HEART  continues in "Beginnings" as I share our story of how we went about finding our first support groups including, a few recommendations from My Book Shelf. 

Lastly, a lesson in early spring indoor planting. Get a head start on your garden planting now. Grow Together when you plant EASY TO GROW seeds indoors with your SPROUTS.  


Coffee. Garden. Coffee. Does a good morning need anything else? ~Betsy Cañas Garmon,

Happy Glorious ( almost ) Spring!

Deborah Jean Bosworth

Photography by, David and Deborah Bosworth.
All photos are property of Dandelion House 2010.

I hope you'll be inspired to head out with camera in hand to find your own early spring discoveries!

Do you have a favorite person, place, animal or thing that continues to inspire you and that you love to take photos of?  Tell us about it!

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