Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Sink Garden on American Pickers TONIGHT!

 Normally I wouldn't bother you on the day before Thanksgiving! I KNOW how busy you are working, shopping,cooking, baking, house cleaning, maybe even traveling to see your loved ones as I type this announcement! But, on the outside chance you'll be  sitting near a TV tonight at 9:00 PM ( hopefully with your feet up ) watching a new episode of American Pickers I wanted you to be on the lookout for my sink garden! Its made a few appearances on my blog and Facebook page over the last couple of years but it's hit the big time and its supposed be featured among some other " still photos" on tonight's episode of American Pickers on the History Channel! How did this happen? Does my garden sink have an agent? Nah, I wrote a guest post about up cycled garden containers for my dear blogging friend (Sonya Kanelstrand who blogs all the way from Norway ) of Kanelstrand Blog last June and the visual editor for American Pickers came across it and asked Sonya if they could feature it. Sonya sent them my  via email and I gave them the go ahead to show it!

Now, that being said.. I suppose it's possible they will have their fill of photos to use and my little sink garden could get kicked to the curb, but just in case you know where I'll be tonight!
 Keep up that creative blogging you all do so well cuz ya just never know were your own sink garden will end up!

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