Monday, November 14, 2011

Do You Want a Light in the Coop?

That's the question Boz asked me the other day. We are going into our 6th winter of keeping backyard chicken's and we've always let'm rest during the winter. I've always felt it was best for the girls to let their natural cycle take precedence over having fresh eggs through the winter. I still feel that way. We don't sell eggs, so their is really no need to have them producing all year long. So, I'll stock up now for my seasonal baking and supplement with organic eggs from the supermarket as needed. It's worth it to me to have happy healthy hens. The large window in our coop faces South,acting as a passive solar heater of sorts so it naturally gathers light and heat during the winter months making the girls more comfortable during the coldest months. It also has an over hang so as not to get the girls to heated in summer!

As far as storing our farm fresh eggs goes, I always have bowl of eggs on the counter filled with those I collect daily. The bowl holds about 8- 10 eggs and the rest go in the frig. I've read fresh eggs will keep anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 to 3 months in the frig, but did you know many countries don't refrigerate their eggs at all, saying that the eggs hold more moisture that way.

      I have been surprised a few times with a rotten egg while baking, so now I write the date on an egg with a Sharpe before placing it in the frig so I can re-use the carton. And, if it's an older carton of eggs, I'll always crack the eggs in a separate bowl apart from my dry ingredients just in case!

What say you my fellow backyard chicken keepers?
Light or no light in your coop?
Eggs in or eggs out of the frig ?
Whats the longest you've stored your backyard farm fresh eggs and how? 

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