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 Welcome to where we create!


Whew! We finished just in time for the second annual WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE party Karen Valentine is hosting at My Desert Cottage!  the day we've all been waiting for... We artists love to play show and tell don't we?

 We're just one of hundreds of excited bloggers participating this weekend.  Up until about 4 days ago our new " creative space" was your typical basement stuffed to the gills with this and that...Well, not anymore!!! I'll save you the pain of before pic's and get right to the fun stuff!

FOLLOW the pink butterfly...

We've been needing a space to spread our creative wings ~

One of the artists in residence  (our daughter ) and her friend painted these stools in preparation for today's event! Every artist need a place to sit and day dream while we create!

We keep some of our supplies in a vintage armoire'... It's doing double duty while it waits for a Painted Lady treatment.. ( that's what I call my hand painted  furniture pieces )

I love these beautiful printed storage boxes and they inspire me every time I look at them.... 

I've had a passion for the Decorative Arts, ( hand painted furniture in particular) for over 20 years and I thoroughly enjoy studying this art form! There's always something new to learn. I have been so inspired by Master Decorative Artist  Debbie Travis ... I love the way she is always so bold in her room makeovers and her books and tapes are all fairly easy to follow even if you're a beginner! Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio is another favorite of mine. She has created some of my favorite stencils and stenciling technique's too.

I'm no different than many artists I know who long for a special private studio tucked away in the hills, a sea side cottage or bunk house, or a loft studio in the big city. We are all such dreamers aren't we? I'm lucky to share a creative space with our very creative daughter who is also responsible for the name of our studio. 

 I use this space to transform my " ladies in waiting " (cast off furniture finds)  into PAINTED LADIES...

  Our daughter loves to create with paper, paint, glitter, glue, old boxes, string, ribbon, yarn; what ever we have on hand really! 

She has been such an inspiration to me as an artist. Children are so free in the way that they imagine and create...Through watching her I have learned to let- go in my own creative expression..

           If you can picture it, YOU CAN MAKE IT
~ Nicolette

( Yep, that's her quote and if you click on the word MAKE you'll find a little story I wrote that was inspired by her and her fearless creativity )

A must have for any creative space is place where you can see all things that inspire you! We created an inspiration wall for some of our favorite pics and drawings.

Your the first one's to see the the beginning's of my next hand painted furniture collection titled, IN BLOOM. In it's previous life this frame was stained a dark walnut color. It was a cast off I picked up treasure hunting... Now it blossom's!

The LOVE tower is one of our daughter's origami creations... and sets the perfect " vibe" in our creative space... The picture book My Day in the Garden is one of my inspirations for my new furniture collection. I love how Anita Lobel paints in every color under the rainbow and in a bit of a loose style !  

Our new creative space has everything we need to create to our hearts content. We have a sewing table that folds up and down in the center of the room, plenty of shelving for a variety of ART supplies, space to store " ladies in waiting" and origami butterflies perched everywhere to help us forget we're DOWN CELLAR.

They keep us inspired and having fun!

 Thanks so much for stopping by!

We hope you enjoyed your little peak into DANDELION WORKSHOP... 

Please leave us a note in the comment box above on your way to the next stop and enjoy a wonderful weekend of studio touring in blog land. We're off to see  " where you create " !  

Thanks for hosting this party again  Karen!

Dandelion Wishes and Happy Creating to all!

 Deborah Jean and Nicolette~

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