Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer

Have you ever sat and watched the clouds,
As they went floating by.

Just laid down flat upon the grass,
And looked up to the sky.

Have you ever watched a butterfly,
The color of its wings.

Have you ever really listened
To how a Robin sings.

Have you ever wandered in the rain,
The drops fell on your face.

Just took delight in how it felt,
No hurry…slowed your pace.

Have you ever sat down on the beach,
And let your thoughts run free.

And closed your eyes,
And felt the wind,

Happy…just to be!

Karen J. Dixon
April 4, 2010
Easter Sunday

 Karen Dixon is the author of Day Dreamer and the creator of this cute little bear sure to keep someones daydreams safe and sound until they come true! He's headed to a local arts and craft show where his someone special will most certainly find him! You might remember Karen from a previous post titled The Apple House where she told us the story of how her bears and poems come to fruition. Have I mentioned this wonderfully talented gal is my Aunt? I'm so pleased  to share one of her latest creation's with you and it couldn't be more timely...

 If ever thereWAS a month for Day Dreaming it's June. Day Dreamer describes perfectly what every " professional " day dreamer already knows! Just the thought of being freer to tend to our own daydreams what ever they may be, leaves us feeling lighter, brighter and ready for new adventures.

 Dandelion House Garden's are a fine example of some of my very own well spent day dreaming time and the flower's are putting on quite a show! Look for my NEW weekly post titled, IN BLOOM featuring our latest blossom's! I'll share a few creative recycling project's for the garden from the Dandelion Workshop.  Then....around mid-month, we'll take a trip to Cape Cod to see the art show I've been invited to participate in with two talented local artist's and friends called MULTIFARIOUS...


Pronunciation: "m&l-ti-'far-E-&s
Function: adjective : having or occurring in great variety : DIVERSE; also : uniting usually in an improper way distinct and independent matters, subjects, or causes multifarious, and we must break it down for analysis: a) the alleged reformation of the decree; and b) the order that appellant pay —Spradley v. Hutchison, 787 South Western Reporter, Second Series 214 (1990)> —compare MISJOINDER —mul·ti·far·i·ous·ness noun

I don't want to give away all of the Joys of June, so pop in from time to time and let me know you've visited!

Until then,
go find yourself a nice patch of green grass under a bright blue sky and do yourself a little (or a lot of ) day dreaming!

You'll just feel better, I promise!
Deborah Jean

( who is off to look up the legal definition of day dreaming )

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