Friday, June 11, 2010

MULTIFARIOUS~ opening reception

( post card created by J Long )

Last night was the opening reception for an art show I was invited to participate in with two other great artist's titled MULTIFARIOUS!

( Turquoise bowl created by Kendra )
The three of us couldn't be any different in the way we approach the creative process and in our creations which makes this show very exciting! I'll share a few pix from our evening.... but first, here's a little " history" on this born again creation! It started out as your basic pine dresser...It's the perfect size for a child's room, so I channeled some of my favorite children's book illustrator Mo Jo and came up with the idea of gold stars for drawer handles and a starry night sky sprinkled on the dresser top just for fun!

 Hence, the title REACH FOR THE STARS!!!

Bring a little child like magic into your life ...Think BIG and BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!!!

On with the show...

The Multifarious crew! Kendra D' Angora ( sitting on my hand painted bench titled Out of Africa )  is a master with pastel's and a potter as well, who channels Alice in Wonderland, J Long  is an AMAZING computer artist who seems to delight in keeping his viewers guessing at what he's trying to communicate with his art and me, the girl who loves to find any old thing and make it beautiful and functional again.... with a story book twist.  

While folks mingled around inside chatting about all things artsy fartsy, we heard drumming.... Loud drumming.  Some of us thought it was a marching band practice. Turns out it was our son and his friend who were providing the meditative back beat to our evening inside the gallery!  I LOVED that they found something creative to do once they had looked at all the art and had devoured had a bite to eat.

We enjoyed the performance art in the added a cool vibe to the night.

My hubby even ran over to play the bells!


I hope you enjoyed the show!

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marcia said...

Congrats on the art show and wishing you great success with your furniture!

happy day!

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