Sunday, November 27, 2011

Light Reading

In anticipation of the coming shorter days ahead ( until Winter Solstice ) I decided to add some much needed light in some of our rooms. The right type of lighting can make such a difference in how a room feels and functions.

 The Master was long over due for proper bedside light.
Who doesn't enjoy reading in bed?
Oil rubbed bronze swing arm lamp
I've had my heart set on a pair of swing arm lamps for over the bed and was determined to  have them up and operational before we turned the clocks back this year. I'm a bargain hunter so I was thrilled to find this pair for 39.00 each at Lowe's. 


I've got a special BOZ SCENE selected to tuck in between the lamps!

Most of the new lighting is functional like this long track lighting we installed in our hallway. It measures out at about 8 feet long with 5 lamps and it's on a dimmer so we can control the brightness level.


It took two tries to find the right fixture for this hallway because there are three doors that open and close many times a day so the doors needed to be able to clear the fixtures. This one is just right for the space and allows us to light up our favorite art work!

Functional lighting is important but so is creating a warm and romantic atmosphere

Have you tried the battery operated candles? I love them! They feel and smell  just like the real thing.


My hubby got me several of them for Christmas last year and we used them all winter ( great when the power goes out ) and they are still burning strong!

I especially like how I can sit them on top of anything without worrying about candle wax dripping.
They're perfect for entertaining and as a NIGHT LIGHT just in case someone falls a sleep doing some "  light reading "  before I come to bed! 


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