Monday, April 23, 2012

Mountain Rose Herbs EARTH DAY giveaway

Another EARTH DAY has come and gone but for many of us it's not just a " day " anymore. It's a lifestyle! 

I remember the first Earth Day event I went to in 1991. The main focus was on recycling and alternative energy. It was there that Boz and I learned about an annual event called The National Solar Tour. 
At the time we were planning to build an OFF GRID Straw Bale Home on ten acres of raw land we had purchased in the high desert of northern Nevada situated one mile away from power. We even attended a day-long straw bale workshop where we had the opportunity to help someone else get their wall ( bales ) in place!  Fast Forward 21 years and a lot has changed ( we left our land for the sunny shores of Cape Cod Bay and a tiny OFF-GRID BEACH cottage ) in the world and in the hearts of people world wide about the way we live and how we can make our world a healthier place. Being organic and homesteading in the 70's was for hippies and folks who were against " the establishment". At least that's what the media wanted us to think. Thanks to the hard work of those hippies  visionaries GREEN LIVING is not only popular in the mainstream today, it's embraced wholeheartedly by businesses who participate in sustainable business practices alongside providing the consumer healthier choices.

Businesses like Mountain Rose Herbs are doing their part every day to make sure we have products that are healthy for us and our Earth.

Mountain Rose Herbs Debuts Sustainable Tea Packaging Made From Trash

EUGENE, OR – February 21, 2012 – Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the nation’s largest bulk suppliers of organic herbal products, has debuted new sustainable tea packaging made entirely of garbage materials. After two years of research and development, the company has produced a unique box made from 100% recycled newspaper and compostable non-GMO plant cellulose for their line of certified organic loose-leaf teas. This is the only certified organic tea line on the market packaged with 100% post-consumer waste materials.

When Mountain Rose Herbs set out to design the new tea line, their focus turned to finding an environmentally conscious packaging option that was recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable. “When we discovered this recycled newspaper board, we knew it was the perfect fit for our commitment to sustainability. According to our research, this is the only 100% post-consumer waste tea packaging in the industry and that’s huge,” says Shawn Donnille, Vice President at Mountain Rose Herbs.

The newly designed packaging features full color photos of the company’s organic teas with multi-layered embossing to create a vibrant 3-demensional graphic effect using environmentally friendly soy inks. Customers will be able to recycle, compost, or reuse the new box. “The unique aesthetic of this tea box is just striking on store shelves, but our customers really respond to the functionality and absolute sustainability of the package. The fact that the boxes are beautiful is just an added bonus,” says Donnille.

About Mountain Rose Herbs
Since 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture, sustainable business practices, and a steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products. Their wide range of certified organic product offerings includes bulk herbs and spices, aromatherapy and essential oils, tea and tea supplies, and natural health and body care. Every aspect of product creation is carried out in accordance with strict quality control and organic handling procedures by employees who care. From fragrant and beyond-fresh organic herbs and spices, to soothing essential oils and delicious herbal teas, the quality and integrity of Mountain Rose Herbs is unparalleled - with smiles guaranteed.

In honor of Earth Day everyday, DANDELION HOUSE friend and sponsor Mountain Rose Herbs is offering one lucky entrant three of their newest organic teas just in time to relax after a long day in the garden or on the farm!

Fairytale Tea: A delicious drink for children and adults. A delightful and inspiring infusion blend full of flowers and fairy magic! It’s perfect for bedtime stories.
Contains: organic calendula flowers, organic red clover herb, organic spearmint leaf, organic lavender flowers, organic lemon balm, organic catnip, organic oat straw, organic lemon peel, organic skullcap, organic chamomile flowers, organic thyme and organic stevia.

Women's Freedom Tea: A liberating, enjoyable, and flavorful herbal decoction designed specifically for harmonizing a woman's balance.
Contains: organic licorice root, organic fennel seed, organic star anise, organic sarsaparilla root, organic ginger root, organic dandelion root, organic cinnamon bark, organic dong quai root, organic orange peel, organic burdock root and organic cramp bark.

Peace Tea: This is a gentle and calming nervine blend; a chance for reflection while providing an opportunity to imagine a peaceful world. Takes the stress out of life for a while. A wonderful infusion drink for meditation and quiet moments. Contains: organic chamomile flowers, organic spearmint, organic lavender flowers, organic cinnamon bark, organic passionflower and organic rose petals.

ENTER: I know your time is valuable so simply leave a comment saying you wish to enter and tell us what you did this EARTH DAY! We celebrated by constructing our greenhouse!

The new retail-ready line includes a variety of 64 certified organic loose-leaf green, black, red, and herbal tea blends in 4oz boxes. For additional information, please call 800-879-3337 or visit   

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