Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chicken Spa Day

Do you think I'm kidding? Chickens are just like us girls! They LOVE a good spa day after a long winter. They don't go for deluxe mud wraps, massages, or paraffin wax treatments. They know how to keep it simple. All they need for a proper spa day is warm, dry soil and a bit of sunshine!

 At first glance ( if you didn't know chickens) you might think this gal was in serious trouble if not dead! If I was a mean blog friend I would try and " fool "  ( being April fools day and all )  you with this image by making up a horrible story about how this sweet girl met her maker. But, I draw the line at jokes like that when it comes to my girls ( and yours ) !!! What you are looking at is one happy chicken deep in her first dust bath of the year! Chickens take dust baths in dry dirt to rid themselves of mites, parasites and to clean their plumage.

 Another thing we have in common with our chickens is that they like to go to the spa with a friend or two.

 Spa day is always more fun with friends! Don't you agree?

 If for some reason you don't have a place where your girls can have a regular dust bath, you can provide one for them. Simply fill a large rubber-made bin with fresh dirt and place it away from their food and water. Place your chicken/s in the bin and let them go to town fluffing, dusting and pecking away!

Happy Dusting!
Deborah Jean

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