Monday, January 28, 2013

Tough Chicks

I can't help but worry about my girls in the dead of winter... This past week we've had below freezing temps every day and yet they carry on as if it's no big deal. When I go out to give them fresh water each morning they cackle and cluck and get me all caught up on the hen house happenings.

We don't keep a heat lamp or a light on in the coop in the winter months. Ameraucanas are bread for cold winters and hearty they are! It gives me great comfort knowing that even though I don't baby them through the coldest part of winter they are thriving and healthy despite the bitter cold temperatures! I  keep the inside of the hen house filled with fresh shavings so they can still take warm dust baths as the light of the sun streams in through the large window...

And, of course I give them plenty of kitchen scraps and oyster shells too! I don't spend as much time outside with them during winter so I love our short visits when I'm doing chores.
How are your " girls" holding up this winter?
 My "girls" want to know!

Getting ready for your first flock? 
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