Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vintage Aprons and Feeling Girly

Howdy girls! I just had to pop in today and share this lovely vintage full apron with you. 
I've been bidding away on E bay for my new lil' shop in our Antique Mall called 
" Burlap and Bling " Pieces of the Past with SASS  
I'm falling in love with Vintage Aprons and feeling oh so girly! 

  I also purchased this lot of crochet covered wooden hangers! Aren't they just adorable? 


Who knew stocking a little 10 x 10  booth space could be so much fun?

I'll keep you posted on more goodies as I find them!
Expect some vintage giveaways in the future too! Oh what fun! 
Find your joy and run with it!
Tell, me an apron story! Do any of you collect vintage aprons and do you wear them or just keep them for display?

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