Thursday, March 7, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint~ Beyond White and Paris Gray

  Okay, so I might be tad late to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint movement but I finally made it! I hung up my furniture painting shingle a few years ago when my creative curiosities took me into new UN chartered territory but I'm happy to say I've cleared the decks in my basement studio and I've got a few pieces on the drying table now and boy are they colorful! Although, my previous pieces were also very colorful, and had stencil patterns to boot... Even when shabby chic white was all the rage, I stayed true to my own color pallet.

I'm not taking the safe route color-wise. Did you know that Chalk Paint comes in more colors than Paris Gray, White, Old White and Duck Egg Blue? Now, now all of you color phobes don't go running for your white on white safe havens just yet. I like light pastel colors too!
 But on this here homestead we go for bold, bright and cheery colors. Inside and out.

To me they represent the brightest summer days to come reminiscent of the most colorful gardens.
  I got so excited when I went to buy my paint that I picked out 5 colors, both the clear and dark wax for finishing and a brush for each. It wasn't until I got home and unpacked my paint that I realized the only light color I bought was Old White. There it sat with Antibes Green, Provence, ( a gorgeous blue ) Barcelona Orange, and Emperors Silk Red. 
I hope these colors will be well received in my booth!

 Pieces of the Past with  SASS.... COMING SOON.....STAY TUNED!  
What colors do you like to live with? 

If you're a North Eastern Massachusetts resident or you'll be making a trip to that area you can purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Counting Sheep Antiques in Berlin, MA. ( They ship too )

Stop in and say hello to Sally and her hubby visit their  barn full of lovely vintage and antique items and sign up for an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop while your at it! 
But only if you have a weakness for charming people, old farmhouses, barns and the country life...

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