Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tasty Tuesday~ Farmhouse Baking Center

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 Good organization is part of any well run home kitchen and the foundation for ease in meal preparation as well as delicious tasting food. Why do we so often put the task of organizing our kitchens on the back burner? When our featured blogger Cindy of the Old Time Farmhouse blog " started " ( sorry I couldn't resist ) baking her own sourdough bread she discovered she needed a place to store different kinds of flours. That's when she created her own Farmhouse Baking Center with vintage charm and more!

It started with my sourdough adventures.I needed flour. Lots of flour and different types.And I needed a space to store all this flour." ~ Cindy 

 Be sure to visit Cindy to get the full scoop on how she transformed an old washstand into her new baking center with vintage farmhouse charm!

Nourish your family with food made with the freshest ingredients and a dash of love every day! 

Dip into The Farmgirl Friday Recipe Box when you're looking for an old fashioned favorite or a home- cooked meal made from scratch with love. You'll find recipes from the best home kitchens, inspiration for setting a charming and beautiful table for your family or entertaining your best friends, PLUS tips for organizing your homestead kitchen.

* All recipes featured here have been submitted to the ORIGINAL Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop at Deborah Jean's Dandelion House

Have you organized your kitchen yet?

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