Thursday, June 13, 2013

Florence, here I come!

 I know what you were thinking...Is Deb really going to leave her garden right now and hop a plane to Florence, Italy? Of course not! I couldn't possibly leave all of my flower babies in their infancy right now! 
If it would ever stop raining ( flowers love it ) I could finish my next furniture piece for Burlap and Bling!  

I'm using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint~  Florence for this project!


Here's the hutch with one coat on. Since I took this photo I have finished the second coat and removed the cheep-o veneer backing ( a happy accident happened when it warped under the tarp it was covered with outside )

Thinking of adding chicken wire, beadboard or burlap to the back! 

What do you guy's think?

I've removed the doors and drawers and finished the frame on the buffet. But, this piece was just to darned heavy to make to my basement studio so it's sitting in the back of my Ford Explorer until the rain stops! 
I've hauled it all over town and back this week just to keep it dry.
I'm loving this color.. It's so warm and beachy! I've used it full strength and will wax with  ASCW ( clear wax ). I can't wait to get her down town to my booth and dress her up in seashells, and crystal lamps! Sea Bling! 
 I want to keep this piece light and cheerful! 

Oh, how do you like my Camo backdrop? Elegant isn't it? 
It's for my handsome Yankee's boat. You don't think his " precious " is going to go uncovered do ya? 
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