Monday, November 11, 2013

My Vintage Homestead Business Cards Survey!

Dear friends, 
What am I doing up so late on a Monday night? No, I don't have indigestion, or insomnia or incontinence but, thank you for asking. :) What I do have is a case of IN-decision! 
 I've been plugging away off and on all day creating my new business cards for My Vintage Homestead Etsy shop! I promised you I'd post again when I came up with something to include inside each package for my customers remember? Good!

 Now I need your help! 
If you were a customer ,which one of these two cards would you prefer to receive with your purchase? 

A traditional size business card ( pictured above and below) 

a postcard ( [pictured below ) which is larger in size, easier to find, and perhaps prettier to look at?  
I'm having a heck of a time deciding cuz I love them both! 
Would you be so kind and vote for your favorite?

Me thanks you!

PS. I used Vista Print to create them! I don't get any compensation for stating that, I just like their templates, prices and print quality.

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