Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Work in Progress~

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Our new garden was inspired by a recent visit to a place called Cape Cod Lavender Farm on Cape Cod. It is just a heavenly place!... It was just us girls, ( My mom, daughter and a very dear aunt who was visiting from Reno). We soaked up the the scent, scenery and tranquility~ At first I thought I would plant the entire garden in JUST lavender, but I couldn't limit myself to just one flower no matter how intoxicated I was by it! I settled for a bottle of Lavender Body wash and decided to plant a wider variety of flowers. Once I got my head out of the clouds about an entire lavender field in my back yard a garden plan began to evolve! Because it is in the sunniest part of our back yard, I decided to create a bird and butterfly garden with many host plants for each. For starters I planted a Butterfly Bush, Bee Balm ( tall red flowers), Moonbeam Yarrow, Strawberry Yarrow, Orange Meadow Coneflower, lots of Black Eyed Susans (for the birds in fall) several Ornamental Grasses for texture and winter interest, and last but not least, seven Lavender plants. The vintage sink was hanging around in our shed for the longest time until I saw a photo of one placed in the middle of a garden! So there you have it! The sink ( now bird bath) is not my original idea but a darned good one for our new garden and the birds love it! Thanks to my hubby's safe installation it won't tip over due to a metal pole that the sink sits a top! This garden is most certainly a " work in progress" . There is still plenty of bare ground to fill, more" space" to think about. Ah.... my favorite part!

What's happening in your garden?
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