Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sassy Succulants

Just look at these sassy succulents!  Have you gotten caught up in the succulent craze yet?
Succulents originate from desert areas and hold most of their water in their soft rubbery petals. They only need to be watered once a week and prefer a spot out of the sun. They require very little in the way of care but they give back in a big way. And, they're fun to plant up in different containers and vases. I snapped the top photo while visiting a booth at The Country Living Fair in Nashville recently. I just love how the bright green and purple play off of each other and the moss covering underneath the petals gives the whole container some pop! 

I also spotted these darling vintage-style painted jars planted up with succulents there and had to give them a try once I got home. I already had the painted jars left over from a Christmas project from last year. You can read about that here.

I love all the different shapes, colors and textures succulents offer the home gardener and floral designer alike.

Cactus plants have very similar requirements and can be mixed with succulents for an interesting textual look. I've just barely touched the surface for designing with succulents but I'm looking forward to experimenting more with them.

 Pinterest is loaded with gorgeous ideas for using them in your home and garden designs. I've started a Succulents board to keep me inspired. And, my new part time job at a local garden shop will surely keep me in good supply!

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